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21 Diamonds Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | John Jacob


Just like the name depicts, ’21 Diamonds’ is a film showing a journey on the pursuit of 21 Diamonds. The newcomer director, Mathew George, has also done the Story, Screenplay and Dialogues of the film.

21 Diamonds are planned to be transferred from a private bank ‘Kings’ to another branch of the same bank. There are tight security arrangements done and the journey is carried out under the supervision of one of the bank employee.

However, in the midst of the trip, following an untoward incident, these diamonds get misplaced. Having no clues about what happened to the diamonds or who stole them, the bank officer chases a black car in suspicion all alone.

Towards the end of the first part, we can see that the police and legal authorities come to a conclusion that it is the officer himself who stole the diamonds, and thereby, he gets arrested and punished.

The viewers are aware about the innocence of the accused officer. But then, who hid the money? Who stole it? This fil is an investigation to find answers to these questions.
We can call this film a road movie. The film depicts the lives of people who join the pursuit behind the 21 Diamonds.

John Jacob and Sreedha Krishnan play the lead roles in the film. Dinesh Panicker has handled a crucial role in the film. Other familiar actors like Poojappura Radhakrishnan and Roselin have also handled roles in the film. The other actors are newcomers.

A loose story plot and unimpressive presentation are the major drawbacks of the film. The film reminds us of serials and their genre. In spite of having all these limitations, the film has been successful in creating a sense of curiosity and anxiety all through, which is likely for a crime thriller film.

A ineffective dubbing, dampened background score and not-so-good cinematography and editing work. These are certainly the flaws of the film.

The camera is handled by Prajith and the editing is accomplished by Sobin K. Soman. As the first feature film of a debutant director, 21 Diamonds can be definitely encouraged. However, the light publicity can adversely affect the theatre collections.

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