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A Review on the Malayalam films to be released on Vishu..


This year Vishu falls on April 15th. Every year, Vishu witnesses new releases of Malayalam films actively. This is mainly because the month of March would be packed with exams and other engagements. It is during the month of April that the vacation mood sets in and people look out for entertainment. This is the reason why major films are released on Vishu.

This Vishu and the corresponding days also arrive with the releases of a handful of Malayalam films. With the films of Mammootty, Prithviraj, Dileep and Mohanlal joining the race, the forthcoming Vishu would definitely witness a star war.

This article intends to throw more light on the potential films to be released on the occasion of this Vishu.
Let’s begin the review with Mammootty’s forthcoming film, ‘Parole’ to be released on Vishu. This film is directed by the ad director, Sharath Sandith. Mammootty appears as Sakhavu Alex in the film. The posters of ‘Parole’ are out and they are creating ripples among the Mammootty fans by displaying pictures of Mammootty in various get-ups. Mammootty fans are eagerly waiting for the film ‘Parole’ to be released on Vishu.

Another film that hits theatres on Vishu is ‘Kammara Sambhavam.’ Dileep is the hero and Namitha Pramod is the heroine in the film. This film is the directorial debut of Rathish Ambat. Murali Gopy has written the story of this film. Moreover, he is playing a major role in this film as well. Dileep plays the role of Kammaran in the film. This is a big budget film, produced by Gokulam Gopalan. The posters of this film gained lot of attention when they had come out. Not only this, the Tamil actor, Siddharth, is handling a crucial role in the film too. The film that is expected to hit theatres on Vishu is eagerly waited by Dileep fans, and also, anticipated to rock the box office.

The next movie is Prithviraj’s upcoming film, ‘Ranam’ that is expected to be released on Vishu. The film is directed by the new comer Nirmal Sahadev. Almost 90% of the film has been shot in America. This film is being made on a huge budget. Other than Prithviraj, Isha Talwar, Rahman and director Syamaprasad have also handled roles in the film. Isha Talwar is the heroine of the movie. This is a crime thriller film. Initial reports on the movie claim that this film follows the unique pattern of Prithviraj action films. This is a hopeful film and would definitely appeal to people who enjoy Prithviraj’s action thriller films.

These are the three prominent Malayalam films which would rule the theatres this Vishu.
Other than these, the next film of the Baahubali hero, Prabhas, is expected to be released after Vishu.
Mohanlal’s film ‘Neerali’ would be released in May. ‘Neerali’ had gained mass attention even before its release. This film is directed by the Bollywood director Ajoy Varma. Another speciality of the film is that Mohanlal was extremely excited to hear the story of Neerali and had readily consented to the same. Therefore, Mohanlal fans are super excited about the film.
Anyway, fans of stars and film lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of a handful of good movies to be released on the occasion of Vishu this year.

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