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Aadu 2 Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Jayasurya, Vinayakan

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Shaji Pappan, Captain Cleatus, Arackal Abu, Satan Xavier, Sarbath Shamir.. these characters have captured the minds of Malayalees since some years. Though the first part of the film was not a major success in the big screen, the film was celebrated in the small screen and by people around. Maybe, that popularity might be reason for thinking about a sequel for the film. Though the film does not begin where the first part ended, there are many instances in the film, which are mentioned in this part and are the continuation of the first part of the film. Shaji Pappan is the same, with the bugging issue of back pain. He loves the group of boys around him. The happenings of the first part are truly reflected in Shamir enacted by Vijay Babu and ‘Dude’ of Vinayakan.

The story takes off from Mangalapuram. Some new plans and businesses.. Business in the sense, smuggling out some other items after the Neelakoduveli. There’s Dude and party in the Tamil Nadu border. Shaji Pappan along with his group is also there with some club-related activities. Satan Xavier is also there in the high range. The format and presentation of the theme are similar to the first part. The scenes invoke loud laughter, putting aside the logic factor. Our ‘Pinky’ is still around.

The characters possess the same foolishness as before. However, in the second part, the focus is on Shaji Pappan, and the story revolves more around him. This results in the disappearance of Arackal Abu and Satan Xavier after their entry in the initial part of the film. At the same time, Dude excels in this sequel when compared to the first one. The whopping applause from the audience side confirms this. The scenic beauty of the high range and the background music enrich the experience of the film. The director has taken care to see that the conversations are relishing in every part. The newer characters who enter the streamline of the film, though render a powerful performance, do not impress us and influence us as much as the characters in the first part do. Probably, they would get into our minds gradually and become our favourite characters over time.

Jayasurya’s performance is definitely the most striking factor of the movie. Vinayakan as Dude is also superb. The other characters handled by Indrans, Vijay Babu, Dharmajan, Saiju Kurup, Sunny Wayne.. they all have secured their roles with their eye-catching performances.

The director of the film has been successful in taking the viewers alongside the progress of the movie. In the scenario where there are efforts to produce popular films by investing crores of rupees, Aadu 2, could become a variant model for others. The film, Aadu 2, has been successful in casting the characters just like the Amar Chitra Katha characters, and also, presenting them to the viewers with full effect. Those who loved the first part of the movie would definitely love the second part as well. While watching the manner in which each of the characters is moulded and presented before the audience as one of them paves way for yet another sequel of Shaji Pappan. Just like a sweet topping to the festive season, you can watch this film as a delightful Christmas feast.

If you had relished the first part of Aadu, then you can certainly buy tickets for the second part Aadu 2 as well.

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