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Aalorukkam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Indrans | Abhilash V. C


‘Aalorukkam’ is the film which enabled our beloved actor Indrans to win the Kerala State Film Award for the best actor.

Directed by Abhilash V. C., Indrans portrays the character of Pappu Pisharadi, an old man of seventy five, in this film. Pappu Pisharadi is also a seasoned Thullal artist.

Sixteen years before, the only son of Pappu Pisharadi left home for no specific reasons. Thereafter, there was no news about his son’s whereabouts. Years layer, Pappu Pisharadi goes off on a journey in search of his son. He has the photo of his son taken when he was twenty.

However, Pappu Pisharadi’s quest ends when he collapses on the streets in an unconscious state. Following this, Pappu Pisharadi is admitted to a hospital. Dr. Seetha is an empathetic doctor working in the hospital.

Seetha takes up the issue of Pappu Pusharadi’s missing son, and with the help of her journalist friend, Priyan, tries to find Pappu’s son.
The search ends in a phase where many unanticipated truths are unveiled. This is the big suspense that the film extends to the viewers.

Since the film win awards and the label of an art cinema had fallen it, there were speculations as to whether the ordinary viewers would consider watching the movie. However, cutting through all the doubts, ‘Aalirukkam’ is progressing in theatres with a good collection.

Undoubtedly, the presence of the incredibly talented Indrans is the major highlight of the movie. Most of the co-actors of Indrans are newcomers. Aliyar, the popular dubbing artist, has played a prominent role in the film. Drama and theatre artists also handle roles in the film. The director of the film, Abhilash V. C has also handled a role in the film.

During these holidays, those who wish to watch a diverse film or the ones who enjoy serious cinemas can go on and fetch a ticket for the film.

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