Friday , August 23 2019

Aamir Khan reveals the true value of Mohanlal’s efforts..

Malayalees who are out to irritate need to see this!
Aamir Khan responding to Mohanlal's stunning makeover

The stunning makeover of Mohanlal, bringing back his youthful appearance by losing weight through strenuous exercise regime, in order to portray the 30-year old Odiyan Manikyan is the latest buzz in Bollywood too. One of the most prominent stars and acclaimed perfectionist of Indian cinema, Aamir Khan, has now come forth praising the efforts put by Mohanlal to have the makeover. He also complimented on Mohanlal’s confidence to take up challenges. He says that it is the mind-set of the actor that matters the most. Although, there might be facilities to transform your body into any shape, put on or put off weight, it is the actor’s dedication and determination, along with a mouldable body, that enables him to achieve the goal.

He says that he has always welcomed the diverse acting capability of Mohanlal and also his innovative experiments in acting. Aamir Khan told that he is very sure that Mohanlal would be able to showcase more marvels in cinema. This opinion of Aamir Khan was published in the metro supplement of a prominent Hindi daily. A prominent Malayalam television news channel has already reported this exciting opinion of Aamir Khan on Mohanlal’s makeover.

More than being acclaimed as an excellent actor, Mohanlal is now gaining global attention of being a perfectionist as well. Moreover, the internationally acclaimed expert team from France, who had undertaken the training regime of Mohanlal has marked Mohanlal’s transformation as one of their major feats. They have mentioned this in their official website. Following Aamir Khan’s response, many prominent personalities have come forth to mark their comments in the new getup of Mohanlal, which is superb enough to attract anyone.

In the films of Aamir Khan, in which film, according to you, has Aamir Khan come up with the best makeover?
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