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Adam Joan Malayalam Movie Review and Rating

Reviewed the movie Adam Joan, directed by Jinu V. Abraham from the Aries Plex theater,

Adam Joan Malayalam Movie Review and Rating

This film has Prithviraj in the title role. Among the Onam release films, Adam Joan
stands apart with a thrilling script along with suspense and twist scenes throughout the film. This
film ensures 100% entertainment to the audience without boring them even for a short while.

Almost 75% of the film Adam Joan is shot in Scotland, a part of UK. This film spans around two hours
and forty eight minutes on a whole. The colour grading of this film reminds us of Prithviraj’s horror
thriller Ezra, which has a similar colour grading. The movie Adam Joan, which has fresh and scenic
location, impressive background score and good sound effects is presented in a style that reminds us
of Hollywood movies.

Adam Joan is a comparatively big budget film, which revolves around Adam Pothan, a wealthy
planter from Pala. The story depicts the coincidental birth of his daughter Ila, and symbolises the
deep love and bonding between them. The story would excite any one as the story plot unfolds and
witnesses Joan Pothan leave everything behind for his daughter and get set to encounter the power
of dark forces in a foreign country.

Mishti plays the role of Amy, the lady love of Adam in this film, which can be categorised as a superb
crime thriller. Bhavana plays the role of Swetha, the wife of Adam’s younger brother.
Another notable character in the film is that of Narain, who portrays the character of Cyriac, a close
ally of Adam in Scotland. The other actors in the film include KPAC Lalitha, Lena, Rahul Madhav,
Maniyampilla Raju, Siddharth Siva and so on.

The cinematography by Jithu Damodar in this film is worth mentioning. The music of the film composed by Deepak Dev is excellent. Special focus is given to the background score, which blends very well with the enthralling scenes in the movie. The background music stands out compared to the songs. Ranjan Abraham has done the editing in the movie.

Adam Joan would definitely entertain both thriller lovers as well as family audience.

Film Magazine provides a rating of 3.5/5 for Prithviraj’s Adam Joan.

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