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Ajith Kumar says that he is obliged to Mammootty till death..Tamil world stunned at Thala Ajith’s remark!! Ajith reveals how Mammootty turned a saviour for him..


Thala Ajith aka Ajith Kumar, the superstar of Tamil films reveals that he has an obligation towards Mammootty till death. Now what’s this all about? This a story long back, precisely in 2000, before Ajith had reigned the superstar. It was a phase when Ajith was becoming a busy actor with his romantic hero image. At that time, Rajeev Menon had decided to make a multi starrer film, ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’ and decided to cast Ajith Kumar in the film as well. Mammootty and Aishwarya Rai were the main attractions of the film. Along with them were Abbas and Tabu as well Abbas was at the peak of his career at that time with the image of a romantic hero.

If the names of the actors in the film were to be considered, Ajith Kumar was comparatively less popular than the others. Therefore, Ajith was quite thrilled to be cast in the film which was anticipated to gain national acclaim. Aishwarya Rai, the popular actress and former Miss World, was fixed to play the heroine opposite Ajith. Along with the other factors, this was also one component that excited Ajith. However, this happiness did not last long. Aishwarya informed the director that she was not interested to play the heroine of the comparatively smaller actor in the film. This last minute issue became so grave that there happened a situation where the shooting itself would have to be stopped.

Mammootty, who had formerly disagreed to act in the Tamil film owing to his busy schedule, was somehow convinced through recommendations from people like Maniratnam and the cast in the movie. Mammootty could not extend his dates as well. The situation was very complicated. The only option was to remove Ajith from the film. This matter was communicated to Mammootty by the director. Hearing this, Mammootty got fumed with anger. He said that everyone has a beginning. If you do this to an actor who is just coming up, what will be his situation? Have you thought about this? Mammootty asked the director, Rajeev Menon. He also said firmly that he would never act in the film at any cost if Ajith were to be removed.

The film, which fell into uncertainty once again, was completed with the idea extended by Mammootty himself. Ajith was cast opposite Tabu and Abbas was cast opposite Aishwarya Rai and the film took off successfully. ‘kandukondein Kandukondein’ became one of the greatest hits of the time. History says that if Mammootty had not spoken for Ajith that time, today’s Thala Ajith wouldn’t have existed. Ajith Kumar spoke abut this incident recently. He also added that he had to face many such bitter experiences in his career at times.

He recalls that once in an award ceremony, actress Meena was asked to dance with Ajith. Though Meena was ready for the same, her mother intervened saying that her daughter would match steps only with superstars. She walked away with Meena from the podium. However, going forth Ajith dawned as one of the biggest stars of Tamil films, and Meena acted in several films as Ajith’s heroine too.
When opponents criticise Mammootty to be heavy headed and a person who does not to behave modestly, incidents like these prove what kind of a human being Mammootty is. Ajith lovingly cherishes this incident even now.
Who, according to you, is the most befitting heroine of Thala Ajith?
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