Friday , August 23 2019

Arun Gopi gets Mohanlal’s date for his next fIlm; a film which would be a superb saga!!

Arun Gopi with Mohanlal- New Movie
‘Ramleela’ is fastly proceeding towards the fifty crore club with its glorious success.

There are reports that following this huge victory of Ramleela, Arun Gopi, the director of the film and Tomichan Mulakuppadam, the producer of the film have approached Mohanlal with their next film project, a universal project. Primary reports say that this film would also be a mass movie like Ramleela, with Mohanlal playing the main character in the film. In Ramleela, Dileep portrays the role of Ramaunni, a shrewd modern politician, who manipulates and uses all the tricks and foul play to make his way out of problems, whereas, in the upcoming film, Mohanlal would play a powerful underground don, who manipulates and survives all odds in the process.

Tomichan Mulakupadam always insists and consents only to films backed by a strong storyline. He never backs out in spending as much money as required for the success of such films. Therefore, when he agreed for this film, Mohanlal fans are quite excited and certain that this film would be another Pulimurukan in the making.

Moreover, Arun Gopi, one of the most promising director among the youngsters would be leading this film from the forefront. What else is required for extreme happiness, comments the cinema lovers.

What are your expectations from the film that unites Mohanlal, Arun Gopi, and Tomichan Mulakuppadam? You can also express your views in the ‘comments’ section below this article.

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