Tuesday , September 17 2019

Befitting reply given by Dileep’s mother to a fan who hooted at Dileep..

That one question made the hooting guy’s mouth shut!
Dileep's mother Sarojam reacts publicly

Dileep, who recently flew to Dubai, was accompanied only by his mother. Now this was totally unexpected. Some people criticised Dileep for this saying that he got his mother along with the sole intention of acquiring sympathy from the mass. However, when Dileep reached the inaugural spot to cut the ribbon, his mother wasn’t there with him. The people who assembled at the venue welcomed Dileep with loud shouting and hooting. Dileep fans, on the other hand, shouted slogans in favour of the star.

The incident occurred when Dileep and Nadirsha got out sight seeing Dubai with their mothers after the settlement of the rush and buzz of the inauguration. Some fans even sensed Dileep’s travel route and followed him all through. Some people approached Dileep for autographs when the team reached the popular Lulu Hypermarket in Dubai. The incident happened when Dileep went near the accumulated people. Some people gathered there hooted at Dileep. Seeing this, Dileep’s mother, Sarojam, beckoned one of the guys who hooted to come near her. Though the guy was apprehensive at first, he went near Sarojam after a while. She affectionately scorns at the guy asking “Is it gracious for Malayalees like us to hoot at an open place in some other nation?” She also enquired his whereabouts and what the person was doing in Dubai. Following this, the person joined the mothers and stopped all the hooting and shouting. He left happily after taking group selfies with them it seems.

Dubai FM aired this incident through their program ‘Chuttuvattom.’ They started off their program with a punch line stating ‘Mothers are always mothers! We would back out of any protest when a mother affectionately scolds us for doing so..’ Dileep’s Dubai visit has become a major topic of discussion amongst the Dubai Malayalees.

In Dileep movies, which character has best portrayed the mother of Dileep? In which movie?
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