Tuesday , September 17 2019

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Mammootty’s stunning views on Santosh Pandit..Anyone would be shocked to hear Mammootty’s words!

Mammootty's stunning views on Santhosh pandit

Santosh Pandit, who rose to fame through the social media has gained lot of acclaim in recent times. However, when the man Mammootty himself compliments Santosh Pandit, he can do nothing but feel thrilled and modest. It was Santosh himself who publicised this matter. Mammootty commented that Santosh is a …

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Santhosh Sivan makes initial revelations about his Mammootty starrer film ‘Kunjali Marakkar’..


This is something which only Mammootty can do! The name of Kunjali Marakkar is inscribed in golden words in the history of Malayalam. This is one of the prominent names among the warriors of extreme valour, Malayalam has ever witnessed. When Kunjali Marakkar is made as a cinema in Malayalam, …

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Arun Gopi gets Mohanlal’s date for his next fIlm; a film which would be a superb saga!!

Arun Gopi with Mohanlal- New Movie

‘Ramleela’ is fastly proceeding towards the fifty crore club with its glorious success. There are reports that following this huge victory of Ramleela, Arun Gopi, the director of the film and Tomichan Mulakuppadam, the producer of the film have approached Mohanlal with their next film project, a universal project. Primary reports say that …

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