Wednesday , July 24 2019


Mammootty’s stunning views on Santosh Pandit..Anyone would be shocked to hear Mammootty’s words!

Mammootty's stunning views on Santhosh pandit

Santosh Pandit, who rose to fame through the social media has gained lot of acclaim in recent times. However, when the man Mammootty himself compliments Santosh Pandit, he can do nothing but feel thrilled and modest. It was Santosh himself who publicised this matter. Mammootty commented that Santosh is a …

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The blasting comment of Unni Mukundan after having watched the teaser of ‘Masterpiece’

Unni Mukundan about mammootty

Unni Mukundan, the muscle man of Malayalam cinema, was truly taken aback after watching the teaser of Mammootty’s ‘Masterpiece.’ He had simply watched the teaser initially. After watching it once, he watched it again after some time. He watched it again and again and finally, he downloaded the teaser into …

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Dileep makes Meenakshi his trump card against her mother Manju..

Kavya Madhavan, Meenakshi, Dileep and Manju Warrier,

Shocking! Meenakshi against Manju.. The latest news claims that since the time police have submitted the final crime file against Dileep accusing him of criminal manipulation and after learning that there are grave accusations against him and the police haven’t left any loopholes in the final report, Dileep, his advocate …

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Kavya gives it back to a phone live channel reporter on the occasion of her wedding anniversary..

Kavya Madhavan to Channel Reporter

Kavya Madhavan becomes a star with just one dialogue!! There’s was no end to the number of phone calls Kavya Madhavan received on the occasion of her wedding anniversary. She appeared to be happy and responded to all the calls positively. Amongst the calls, there were calls from some known …

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“Among the actors that I have dealt with, only Mohanlal has that special talent.” – Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma about Mohanlal

“Mohanlal really shocked me” says Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma, the popular Bollywood director, has come out with a scintillating statement in Mohanlal. He says that he has directed fifty four films so far, and he feels that Mohanlal is the most talented and gifted actor among the actors …

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“Thank you Mammookka! These words of yours are more than enough for me to go on for the rest of my life!”

mammootty with Kalidas jayaram

Mammootty surprises everyone as Kalidas’ ‘Poomaram’ is nearing its release!! Kalidas Jayaram, son of the popular actor Jayaram, received an unexpected phone call from the very Mammootty, the other day. At first Kalidas doubted whether it was really Mammootty himself or someone was pranking on him. However, seeing the fancy …

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