Wednesday , July 24 2019


Jail acquitted Dileep and Rimi Tomy in the same podium! Interesting scenes unveiled!!

Rimi Tomy and Dileep

Dileep’s funny question to Rimi..Rimi dumbfounded!! It is very popularly known fact that Rimi Tomy, the famous playback singer, is a close friend and maintains good relationship with Dileep and family. When Dileep was arrested on charges of being suspected in the actress attack case, rumour birds flew around saying …

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Kavya and Meenakshi in Chennai along with Dileep.. Dileep’s smart n’ funny response to the question raised by a fan!!

Dileep Meenakshi and Kavya Madhavan

Dileep makes it a celebration again Following the reports that Dileep intends to become busy in films again, the latest news only affirm these reports. Sources revealed that Dileep is in Chennai to join the sets of his upcoming film, Kammara Sambhavam. Dileep is accompanied by his wife Kavya and …

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Universal hero, Kamal Haasan renders powerful feedback and response on Mohanlal and his latest film, ‘Villain!!’

Kamala Haasan Responding about Mohanlal and Villain Movie

People criticising Villain need to listen to Kamal Haasan’s words.. In spite of mixed reviews and fuming controversies, Mohanlal’s ‘Villain’ is running successfully in theatres. The trending news is about the splendid response given by the universal hero, Kamal Haasan, after he watched the film ‘Villain’ from Chennai. According to …

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Mohanlal gives a strong and apt response to the leading newspaper who had severely criticised and lashed out against’Villain’

Mohanlal responding villain controversy

Mohanlal pulled them apart and pinned them down! Amidst the fuming controversies surrounding the film Villain, Mohanlal himself has come forth to defend the movie and to take a strong action against the moves to isolate the director of the film, B. Unnikrishnan. He also took a strong stand against …

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The director of the film Villain breaks down and pleads to the mass following the attack on his latest Mohanlal film ‘Villain’

B Unnikrishnan and Mohanlal

What harm have I done to be tortured like this.. The director of the film ‘Villain,’ B. Unnikrishnan, is literally running hither thither following the release of his film. Amidst the feedback from the audience that his much anticipated film, Villain, is not up to the mark, another destructive feedback …

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Manju Warrier speaks frankly on the movie ‘Villain’ as she comes out after watching the film. The director of the film flabbergasted!

Manju Warrier against villain director B Unnikrishanan

Manju‘s tremendous response, which was absolutely relevant and befitting.. Villain, the recently released film, noted for the outstanding performance of Mohanlal, is running in theatres with a record collection. There are mixed reviews coming forth for the film. Now that the film is released, feedback and reviews of the stars …

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