Tuesday , November 13 2018

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“I am not a super human! However, your ungrateful sword cannot be smeared by my blood! Mammootty’s hair raising item..


‘Mamankam’ the forthcoming film, which has Mammootty in the lead, is already in news. The shooting reviews have already become a hit among the viewers. Agile action scenes and fights that blend Kalari and yogamudras are present in the film. Mammootty appears as a suicidal warrior in the film. Well, …

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Mohanlal a singer! Singing sensation, Shreya opens up about her singing stench with Mohanlal!


The trending news in the film circle is about the comments of Shreya Ghoshal, the singer par excellence and the pride of India on Mohanlal, the honour of Malayalam cinema. There’s a superb duet by Shreya Ghoshal and Mohanlal in Ajoy Verma’s upcoming adventure film ‘Neerali,’ having Mohanlal in the …

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“Is this acting?” Ranbir Kapoor opens up about Mohanlal’s acting..Not intentionally, just happened to say this!


The post production work as well as the VFX work of Mohanlal’s film ‘Neerali’ is progressing in the very popular VFX studio, ‘Pixel’ in Mumbai. The popular Bollywood actor , Ranbir Kapoor, had come to Pixel for the post production work of his upcoming film ‘Sanju.’ Which is a biopic …

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Neerali would gulp down the puli! A shocking revelation! Neerali ensures success and all set to create history!


Amidst the glaze of the universal films like Odiyan and Randaamuzham, Mohanlal’s film, Neerali, could not get the deserved attention. The Bollywood technicians behind the film Neerali claim that more advanced technology is used in the film when compared to the 150-crore club Mohanlal film, Pulimurugan. The giant graphics company …

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Nayanthara opens up about her stunning experience with Mohanlal..She revealed it when she had the opportunity!


The queen of the South film industry and the lady superstar of the Tamil film industry, Nayanthara creates news with any of her comments nowadays. One of the most popular Tamil channels is telecasting a program series on the acting career of Nayanthara. This program tops the viewership charts and …

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The superb entry of Odiyan Manikyan by swimming across the Tenkurishi River! No Tricks! No Gimmicks! Mohanlal rocks as Odiyan..


With excitement building up in each and every frame, the shooting of the film, ‘Odiyan’ is progressing day by day. The trending news reports about the shooting of a superb scene in the film, which has enthralled all the viewers around. The Tenkurishy river is in the Tenkurishy village of …

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Mammootty’s ‘Parole’ or Prithviraj’s ‘Ranam’ – Who would win? Shocking truth! Would Ranam dip Parole?


Prithviraj’s ‘Ranam’ arriving to equal Mammootty’s ’Parole’ in theatres! Both the films, which would be released on consecutive days are sure to stimulate a very high competition against each other as per the reports of the social media. The fan page of both the stars in the social media is …

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Who else can do this except Mohanlal! Parvathy Jayaram just rocks..Parvathy challenges stars in a fine way!


Mohanlal and Mammootty are stars who have mesmerised us through their character portrayals. Films like ‘Vanaprastham’ and ‘Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha’ have enthralled the Malayalam audience. Mohanlal is all set to stun the viewers with his new makeover and transformed look in the forthcoming films like ‘Odiyan’ and ‘Randaamuzham.’ Parvathy Jayaram, …

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