Tuesday , November 13 2018

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This is the rating given by Kamal Haasan for Mammootty’s ‘Peranbu’..These are the words spoken by the universal hero, Kamal Haasan on Mammootty..


The universal hero, Kamal Haasan, has stated that Mammootty is a star not only for the Malayalam film industry, but also for the Tamil film world. Through his splendid performance in the film, ‘Peranbu,’ Mammootty would bring fame, glory and awards to the Tamil film industry says Kamal Haasan, expressing …

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‘Lalitham @ 50 – Shocking revelations about Mammootty’s involvement in it!. Did you know what Mammootty spoke on Lalitha chechi..


It has been ling fifty years since the popular actress, KPAC Lalitha entered films. The favourite ‘Lalitha chechi’ of all, would be honoured at the occasion in a grand event called Lalitham 50’. The scheduled event would be coordinated by the famous director, M. Padmakumar. The welcome group formation function …

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“Laletta, you have to come,” requested Anoop Menon!. If it’s Mohanlal, it’s going to rock bro..


Padmasree Mohanlal, the incredibly complete actor of Malayalam, is all set to act as Padma Vibhushan, E. Sreedharan, the much loved Metro Man of the Malayalees. This news, which would definitely excite the fan lot of Mohanlal, was first reported in a highly popular English newspaper. Now, when the details …

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Mammootty’s voice choked in grief.. Dulquer teary-eyed.. The untoward incident that shook the stars!


It is said that a person becomes a true human when he considers and loves co-beings unconditionally, regardless of their status and position in the society. If this is true, mega star Mammootty and the young superstar, Dulquer would be the two stars with the highest degree of humanitarian values …

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I. M. Vijayan’s fantastic comments on Mohanlal, who had come down to play volley ball in Kannur..I.M. Vijayan openly reveals his thoughts about Mohanlal’s body fitness..


It was very interesting and exciting to watch the friendly match held between the Territorial Army and Kannur Press Club in Kannur the other day. The superstar of Malayalam, Mohanlal, played in the role of the captain of the Territorial Army. Mohanlal’s presence filled the atmosphere with a frenzied excitement. …

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The initial comment from Pranav Mohanlal after returning from the Himalayas is just awesome!!


Kunjettan resumes his work after returning from the Himalayas.. Latest reports claim that Pranav Mohanlal, who had gone on an adventurous trip to the Himalayas, without waiting for the release and success of his debut film, Aadhi, has returned to Delhi after successfully completing his trip. This news has been …

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Mammootty extends his strong support to Sanusha through his response..Sanusha handling the physical abuse effort single-handedly is just awesome!!

Sanusha and Mammooty

The trending news is about the young actress, Sanusha, who had to face an attempt of humiliation and physical abuse in the cover of darkness when she was travelling by the Maveli Express the other day. Sanusha is receiving widespread support and appreciation for the courage she had donned in …

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Has the Mammootty film ‘Street Lights’ flopped? The truth needs to be accepted!


The two Malayalam films released on January 26th are ‘Aadhi’ and ‘Street Lights.’ Pranav Mohanlal’s debut film ‘Aadhi,’ has been running successfully in theatres aiming at a collection record. On the other hand, there are speculations as to what has happened to the mega star’s ‘Street Lights.’ At least some …

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Ajith Kumar says that he is obliged to Mammootty till death..Tamil world stunned at Thala Ajith’s remark!! Ajith reveals how Mammootty turned a saviour for him..


Thala Ajith aka Ajith Kumar, the superstar of Tamil films reveals that he has an obligation towards Mammootty till death. Now what’s this all about? This a story long back, precisely in 2000, before Ajith had reigned the superstar. It was a phase when Ajith was becoming a busy actor …

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