Monday , February 19 2018

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“You shouldn’t have done this to me,” says a disturbed Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier responding her faith

Manju’s words would shock anyone!! Just like Dileep lost his sleep and peace of mind after being accused in the actress attack case, Manju Warrier has also lost her sleep and is quite disturbed nowadays. Manju might have never anticipated in her wildest dreams that the police would corner her …

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Mammootty’s stunning views on Santosh Pandit..Anyone would be shocked to hear Mammootty’s words!

Mammootty's stunning views on Santhosh pandit

Santosh Pandit, who rose to fame through the social media has gained lot of acclaim in recent times. However, when the man Mammootty himself compliments Santosh Pandit, he can do nothing but feel thrilled and modest. It was Santosh himself who publicised this matter. Mammootty commented that Santosh is a …

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Santhosh Sivan makes initial revelations about his Mammootty starrer film ‘Kunjali Marakkar’..


This is something which only Mammootty can do! The name of Kunjali Marakkar is inscribed in golden words in the history of Malayalam. This is one of the prominent names among the warriors of extreme valour, Malayalam has ever witnessed. When Kunjali Marakkar is made as a cinema in Malayalam, …

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Rajinikanth excitedly responds, “Would Mammootty be there?”

Rajinikanth and Mammootty

“Would Mammootty act?” asks Rajinikanth for confirmation.. It has been twenty six years since Mammootty and Rajinikanth came together in Maniratnam’s evergreen film, Thalapathy. After a gap of a prolonged twenty six years, there was news that Mammootty and style king Rajinikanth would be seen together in a movie once …

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Dileep makes Meenakshi his trump card against her mother Manju..

Kavya Madhavan, Meenakshi, Dileep and Manju Warrier,

Shocking! Meenakshi against Manju.. The latest news claims that since the time police have submitted the final crime file against Dileep accusing him of criminal manipulation and after learning that there are grave accusations against him and the police haven’t left any loopholes in the final report, Dileep, his advocate …

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Kavya gives it back to a phone live channel reporter on the occasion of her wedding anniversary..

Kavya Madhavan to Channel Reporter

Kavya Madhavan becomes a star with just one dialogue!! There’s was no end to the number of phone calls Kavya Madhavan received on the occasion of her wedding anniversary. She appeared to be happy and responded to all the calls positively. Amongst the calls, there were calls from some known …

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