Friday , August 23 2019


Oh my dear Laletta! Manju’s flying kiss did not go futile..Mohanlal’s terrific entry!


The mega super star of Malayalam films, the heart and heart throb of Malayalam films, our own Mohanlal, is the hope and aspiration of every Malayalee. A film is being made based on this overwhelming adulation and unlimited love towards the star. The name of the film is ‘Mohanlal.’ Manju …

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2018 for Mohanlal – Shocking predictions about Mohanlal by a famous astrologer..


With the completion of universal films like Odiyan and Randaamoozham, 2018 would be the year of Mohanlal, his fans claim. Where the expectations are already sky high for Mohanlal, the famous celebrity astrologer has come forward with sparkling predictions on Mohanlal. The astrologer predicts that 2018 be a golden year …

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Dileep’s emotional revelation with Kavya close beside him! This will bring tears to your eyes!

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan latest news

‘Ramleela’ continues its triumphant progress in theatres, reaping profit of crores of rupees. Kaya Madhavan is the one who is the most excited among people happily celebrating the success of this Dileep film. Kavya has scorned as being unlucky for Dileep and people never hesitated saying that Kavya brought ill …

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