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Chembarathipoo review and rating

Chembarathipoo is the film directed by the newcomer Arun Vaiga, and has Aksar Ali, Dharmajan, Aju Varghese, Visakh Nair, Adithi Ravi, Parvathy Arun playing prominent roles in it. The film, in the beginning, portrays the love failure of Vinod, which is played by Aksar Ali. That love failure has taken atoll on him and he is quite depressed. However, his friends try to bring him back to his normal self. The story of the movie progresses in a village setup mostly. The music in the film is done by Rakesh R. and the cinematography is handled by Santosh Anima. The film goes forward through the syory of Vinod and his life. The first half of the film portrays the life and living of Vinod whereas, the second half, mostly, deals with the flashback of Vinod’s life. Both the parts of the story shows different friends in each phase.

One of the positive aspect of the film is the excellent makeover of Vinod as he plays his characters of two periods of time. Vinod’s appearance and makeover in both the parts were visually very good but performance wise, it was only average. The songs in the movie were just average while the visuals were too good. The theme of love has been treated and celebrated in Malayalam films before; however, this film shows the other phase of lost and regained love as well. To top it all, there are some true friends pictured in the movie who stand by the hero for anything and everything.

Love at first sight is the concept here too, however, new characters need to travel in the already set and tried format, that’s all. The hero’s friends try to stimulate laughter in the beginning, but the comedy doesn’t take off well. Even though Dharmajan brings in a fresh gust of breeze with his comedy, it is lost when it is portrayed collectively.

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Though plots of family and politics are brought in with the intention to strengthen the main love theme, the plots do not leave a powerful impression in the cinema. Even when many characters are placed in the flow of the film, the director has not tried to provide an apt identity to any of the characters. Also, it is quite confusing as to why the film is named Chembarathipoo after all. The film tries to display the dual love plots in the set story. There’s an effort seen to focus better on the last scenes of the movie, but the audience being ignored that far, those efforts also prove futile.

The last scene is meaningful only in the thought, but the visuals are quite dramatic proving a malice for the film. When love is being portrayed as the main theme repeatedly, the scenes are not very impressive and the humour scenes are not very effective, and consequently, Chembarathipoo approaches the audience with a not-so-relishing experience altogether. The supporting cast does have anything substantial to perform in the film. Though the female stars perform well in the film, the stark reality is that the Chembarathipoo has started to wear off actually.
The rating for the film Chembarathipoo is 2/5

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