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Daivame Kaithozham K. Kumarakanam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Jayaram | Salim Kumar

Daivame-Kaithozham-K.-Kumarakanam-Review & rating

The story of the film does not take off somewhere here, but far away at God’s place. God has an assistant too. The film starts off with God and his assistant visiting Kerala. Now, the visit is not just a sight seeing one, but they visit the house of the hero, who lives in the village of Unnayipuram.

The main character of the film Krishnakumar, who is into the welfare activities of the village and is lovingly called K. K, K. Ku etc. The incidents unfurled in the lives of Kridhnakumar and his wife, Nirmala, after the arrival of God and his assistant, is what the film is all about. The main character, Krishnakumar, is portrayed by Jayaram, and the role of his wife, Nirmala, is handled by Anusree. Other than Jayaram and Anusree, Salim Kumar, Kottayam Pradeep, Surabhi, Nedumudi Venu, Anjali and so on also play major roles in the film.

Performance wise, the film has made an effort to bring back the much loved acting genre of Jayaram. He can be seen in the same form he’d been some time before. Nedumudi Venu has done his role in a very interesting manner, specifically speaking, he is able to bring about a small mystery in certain places. Anusree was superb, especially in the scenes just before the climax scene. Salim Kuma appeared interesting in his look, but performance wise, he could not impress much. Kottayam Pradeep also did not excel in the dialogue presentation of his character.

There are other characters in the film, but they just come and go in the film. The music in the film is done by Nadirsha. The background music of the film is above average. The camera work of the film cannot be claimed as outstanding though the scenes merge with the plot of the film very well. Especially a stone hauling scene, which was superb. Overall, the technicalities of the film stand above average. The theme of the film, as Salim Kumar has told before, is the argument of who is better; male of female.

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In the modern world, when talking about freedom, the film definitely deals with the current issues significant in the present time. Daivame Kaithizham K. Kumarakanam is the presentation of the above said theme, treated with humour, to make a satire. The dialogues are enriched with matters we have heard or are hearing around us nowadays. This definitely evokes laughter. Aspects like comparing mars (chowa) planet, which is located kilometres apart, blocking marriages here, to the approach of the central government towards Kerala, and also through the medium of a jewellery owner, the director has tried to bring in laughter in the film. In the first half, the film picks up very well, giving the audience a lot of expectations. However, this is lost in the second half as the film progresses. Even Jayaram’s performance in the second half reminds us of his performances in earlier films.

Even when the films narrates the story in a serious mode, the screenplay weakens gradually, not able to sustain the anxiety rendered in the first half. Many a times, this results in the scattered connection of scenes. There is no completeness in the story told parallel to the main plot. Salim Kumar was impressive in his look and costume, but his performance could not evoke laughter. The cinema goes along pointing out relevant social issues of the present day, conversing with the audience only there, providing stuff for laughter only there.. Beyond this, Daivame Kaithozham K. Kumarakanam is an instance of failed story telling. Without expecting much on the humour side, this film can be viewed as a film with a unique theme and presentation.

Although the characters of the film claim to have interpreted the theme of the film towards the end of the film, the audience do not get a clear picture and remain baffled. This film, as a whole, is a result of a dampened screenplay and ineffective presentation.

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