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Didn’t Mohanlal get anyone else to play his heroine in ‘Lucifer?’


There is no doubt in the fact that Mohanlal and Manju Warrier are the lucky pair of Malayalam films. Together, they have gifted several hits and super hits to Malayalam films.

Manju Warrier had stayed away from films after marriage. Now that she has resumed films, there is a widespread criticism that Manju on her return has not been able to give any big hits with Mohanlal. However, recent films of Manju reveal that she is behind no one in terms of popularity.

Manju Warrier has been announced the heroine for Prithviraj’s debut directorial venture ‘Lucifer’ with Mohanlal. Now, there is a group of people who have come forth saying that Manju has become the routine heroine of Mohanlal in all the new films and it is high time to change her.

Another group claims that this allegation has come forth not because they doubt the success of the film if Manju acts, but it is the work of a small group favouring actor Dileep and declaring Manju as a staunch enemy.

This minority group has come up with a weird claim that the films wouldn’t click if there’s Manju in it. They provide the example of Mohanlal’s recent film ‘Villain,’ in which Manju was the female lead. The film was not able to click in the box office. However, we all know the reality! Manju Warrier did not have much to perform in the film. She was not at all a factor that could determine the success and failure of the film.

Anyway, the big successes of films like ‘Udaharanam Sujatha’ and ‘Mohanlal’ which had Manju in the main lead prove the astonishing star value of the actress. It is this and the calibre of the star that have helped her attain the roles of heroine opposite Mohanlal in films like ‘Odiyan’ and ‘Lucifer.’

Prithviraj says that he chose Manju as the heroine of his film opposite ‘Lucifer’ as it is performance-oriented role and is confident that Manju would be able to do complete justice to the film.

Some people are of the opinion that it would be boring to have Manju Warrier as the heroine in all the present time Mohanlal films. Team ‘Lucifer’ however feels that this is just a lame opinion.

What is your opinion? Do you also feel that it is boring to have Manju Warrier as heroine in all the upcoming films? You can express your opinion as comments below this article.

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