Friday , August 23 2019

Dileep makes Meenakshi his trump card against her mother Manju..

Shocking! Meenakshi against Manju..Kavya Madhavan, Meenakshi, Dileep and Manju Warrier,
The latest news claims that since the time police have submitted the final crime file against Dileep accusing him of criminal manipulation and after learning that there are grave accusations against him and the police haven’t left any loopholes in the final report, Dileep, his advocate and his allies are running hither thither to find ways to resist the accusations.

Just before submitting the final report, the police have hooked in Manju Warrier as the prime witness in the case and have further strengthened the case. Dileep is now trying to weaken this plot of the police by trying to influence Manju through their daughter, Meenakshi. The police have found that Dileep misconceived the attacked actress to be the reason behind the destruction of his marital life with Manju. It was out of this grudge that Dileep planned the cruel revenge and atrocious act against the actress, police claim. If Dileep is not able to make this claim invalid in court, he might be subjected to jail stay based on the statement of Manju. This has intimidated Dileep to a great extent and this is the reason why he has decided to frag his daughter, Meenakshi, into this.

Reports claim that as a last resort, Dileep would bring Meenakshi before the court during trail and would make her say that Kavya Madhavan is not the reason behind the separation of her mother and father, but it is the downfall of her mother that led to the marital stress. However, matters ate moving to an unfortunate and the most unusual twist, where a father has to fight for him by shielding helplessly behind his own daughter, who is made to stand against her own mother. Anyway, the forthcoming days would be witnessing some unbelievable events backstage.

However, it has been pointed that it is wrongful to drag a young, innocent girl into this when she has to be with her parents enjoying their love, care and consideration.
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