Wednesday , July 24 2019

With eyes filled with tears, he asks, “ Isn’t degrading me to this extent enough sir?”

Dileep mentally distressed even after being acquitted from jail..
Dileep Crying Publicly

Dileep, who is accused in the actress attack case, has raised severe allegations against Loknath Behra, the Police Chief and B. Sandhya, the ADGP of Kerala Police. In his letter to Subrata Biswas, the Additional Chief Secretary, Home and Vigilance, Dileep complaints that he has been falsely accused and has been trapped in the case. Dileep adds that fake evidences were created to strengthen the case against him and he has been tortured for the past few months. Dileep and his close family members demanded a CBI probe into the matter and states that the ultimate truth would be unveiled only if the case is handed over to the CBI.

Close allies of Dileep reveal that Dileep is under severe mental stress and depression, and has been heard stating tearfully words symbolising the trauma of his life and saying that his life is destroyed and there’s no point in leading such a humiliated life. Dileep is determined in his stand that he would get justice only if the case is handed over to the CBI or at least if a new investigation team is formed to examine his case. Akin to his punch dialogue in super hit film Ramleela, where he says “ It seems that it is decided that I should be the culprit,” Dileep is saying these words in his real life as well. Dileep is assuring everyone with folded hands that he is innocent in the case. He is so upset that even his wife, Kavya Madhavan, is finding it hard to console him. In his grief stricken state, he us nog able to focus completely in his life and movies as well. Dileep repeatedly assures that he doesn’t even know Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the actress attack case, and that he has absolutely no role in the crime or conspiracy. This is an indirect reference from the actor’s that the real culprits are somewhere else roaming free.

However, the police say that the accused Dileep does not have any right to decide the kind of investigation in the case, and also, Dileep is trying to create a dilemma and confusion in order to divert the flow of the case, they say. The women organisations have also come forth lashing against Dileep and saying that Dileep needn’t expect to free himself from the case through his gimmicks as such. It wouldn’t be that easy. However, the ultimate truth is that seeing and observing all this, it is the public who is dumbfounded.

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