Sunday , December 16 2018

Dileep openly reveals in Dubai, “I also have something to say!”

“I will be around until that love persists..”
Dileep in dubai revealed his future plan

Out of the four days of Dubai trip, Dileep spent his first day meeting his friends and business comrades there. November 29 morning, precisely at 11:00 a.m., Dileep’s mother, Sarojam, along with Nadirsha’s mother, Aiysha Beevi, and other five mothers lighted the suspicious lamp marking the inauguration of the Dubai branch of Dileep’s Dhe Puttu restaurant chain.

The speciality of Dhe Puttu is that food lovers would be able to enjoy the authentic flavour and traditional taste of Kerala in its original finesse at any time of the day. For this to happen, a team of Kerala cuisine experts have been placed in the restaurant in Dubai. Moreover, a promotional video, replicating a film trailer, has been prepared which highlights the specialities of the restaurant Dhe Puttu in an exquisite manner. The restaurant would have exclusive features like door-to-door delivery and online booking.

When the media personnel approached Dileep for more details, it was Nadirsha who responded to the queries initially. However, after some time, Dileep deserted his silence and said this. “This restaurant was planned to be opened before a year, but, somehow things got delayed due to some or the other reasons. The grand success of my film Ramleela, is a befitting reply to those who tried to demolish me. I will remain a part of cinema until I have the love and wishes of my audience with me.”

When asked about his return to the film organisations, he responded saying that these organisations were a part of the industry even before he entered films. These organisations are not the personal asset of anyone. It is the result of a team work. The existence of these organisations is not dependant on my arrival or exit. It will always remain static. Dileep made it clear that his strength is the live and support of his audience. The court has lent Dileep the permission for four days of foreign visit.
Which among Dileep’s upcoming films that gives you lots of expectations as audience?
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