Friday , March 22 2019

Dileesh Pothen opens up about Mohanlal’s ‘Neerali’.. This is a setup altogether different bro!


Mohanlal’s upcoming film ‘Neerali’ is all set to be released in June. The post production works of the film are progressing in Mumbai presently.

The actor cum director, Dileesh Pothen, who has played a crucial role in the film ‘Neerali,’ has come out with his experience in the film. Dileesh Pothen has played a crucial role in the film. He would e portraying the villain of the film.

He says that though Malayalees are not very familiar with Ajoy Verma, the director of ‘Neerali,’ Dileesh refers to him as superb! His vision on the totality of the film is amazing.
Dileesh further adds that audience will get a chance to see their Mohanlal in the most cherished form. The film has adventurous scene, and thrilling fight scenes. There’s also nail biting suspense in the film which would hold the viewers into their seats. This is not a mere word, adds Dileesh.

Dileesh says that he cannot talk about his character in the film now as that would reveal the nature of the film. You can be assured of one thing. ‘Neerali’ would have components to satisfy all types of viewers through its impressive presentation and technicalities challenging even the Hollywood films. Overall, it would be a good visual experience. If you are in a mood to watch superb fights too, this film is is for you, adds Dileesh with a light smile.

Dileesh comments that the shooting in the Bombay setup as well as the crew was a unique experience for him.

The popular web portal has brought out this brisk conversation with Dileesh and made news. However, the expectations on ‘Neerali’ has doubled now. The team ‘Neerali’ is quite hopeful about the film and expects it to become a more a phenomenal movie than Pulimurugan.
Would ‘Neerali’ succeed? What is your opinion?

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