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Diwanjimoola Grand Prix Malayalam Movie Review & Rating


‘Diwanjimoola Grand Prix’ is the fourth film of Anil Radhakrishna Menon, whose has been noted for his earlier films, North 24 Kaadam, Sapthmashree Thaskaraha and Lord Livingstone 7000 kandi. The scripting of the film is jointly done by our Collector bro, Prasanth Nair and the director himself. The main characters in the film are portrayed by Kunjakko Boban, Nyla Usha, Siddique, Vinayakan and so on. Just like the names of the earlier films of the director, this one also has a unique name..Diwanjimoola Grand Prix. Let’s see whether the film has some uniqueness as its name.

The old-time bike racer, Jithender, and his daughter, Effymol, are the central characters of the film. Although Jithendran’s present life is on wheelchair, he is mentally very strong, with an indomitable spirit. Both Jithendran and Diwanjimoola have a past. A past of mishaps for both. The history has the images of Jithendran breaking away from groups, falling off bike and getting on wheelchair and so on. The story takes place in Thrissur. The thieves of Sathamashree Thaskaraha, specialised in digging ground for stealing, reaches Diwanjimoola, and the story is narrated by Tiny Tom and Ashokan. Leaf Vasu of Sapthamashree is wandering around without any orientation. The characters come and go one by one in the film. The background theme comes with a blend of the history in past and present. There are evident efforts to mould the character of Effymol by Nyla Usha into a bold and powerful one, but many a times the effort is seen only in the loud blatant speech of character. At the same time, the character worth applause is that of Jithendran, portrayed by Siddique.

Siddique renders a good performance on wheelchair. He is the only character creating a screen impact in the film. Nyla Usha is up to the mark only in the father-daughter combination scenes. Vinayakan, who arrives into the film towards the end, gets applauses initially, but gradually merges into one of the many other characters of Diwanjimoola. The character of the IAS Officer Sajan Joseph, played by Kunjakko Boban, is a character without any identity in recent film sights. Though the character has a positive outlook and goodness, the presentation slashed drastically. The film is placed in the backdrop of Thrissur. There were many films released last year highlighting Thrissur, its language and views. Diwanjimoola is just a continuation of those movies, without bringing in any new views or dimensions of Thrissur.

Just like the natives, who got scattered in the name of a bridge, the characters in the film also appear scattered and disconnected. Some incidents happening at some corners. The story of bike race is woven along the plot. The highly predictable story of the film is intertwined with some comedy as the film progresses. There is nothing much acquired more than this in the film. The songs of the film are not very relishing and the background music appears loud and blatant.

Just as the collector remarks in the film, “Instead of resorting to newspaper and other sources, trolls are the best way to know about the latest news of prominent personalities,” the cinema also gives us the same feeling. The director and the scriptwriter need to think of how to present an already presented story and concept.

Illogical aspects, predictable events and clichés get into the film from all the corners of Diwanjimoola. All the expectations raised by the director, Anil Radhakrishna Menon, through his earlier films are destroyed here. There are likeable actors in the film, but not much provision for them to perform. Each character in each corner, but most of them ends up without having an identity. This film can be viewed as a time pass with some light moments.

There’s nothing new in the story and presentation, in terms of views and outlook, in the film, Diwanjimoola Grand Prix.

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