Friday , August 23 2019

Dubsmash Queen, Sowbhagya, openly reveals every detail of her lover who had ditched her!!


There’s no need to introduce Sowbhagya, the dubsmash queen, to the Malayalees. She has a fan following on social media and popularity just like that of a film star.

However, Sowbhagya Venkitesh narrates a tricky, deceitful experience she had to encounter through Facebook in one of her interviews with a popular channel.

Sowbhagya Venkitesh became friends with a handsome hunk on Facebook, which gradually transformed into love. However, as days progressed and love ripened, the boy’s true colours started emerging. He started putting forth conditions and asked her to restrict Facebook, WhatsApp, and even close friends.

Sowbhagya says that since she had schooled in a girls’ school, she never had an opportunity to mingle with boys. So she assumed that all men would be having the same kind of attitude towards girls. Perceiving this to be the general behaviour of men, she obeyed him and gave up everything.

However, the relationship only got worse day by day, and she was mocked at. She was addressed as being plump and not so beautiful. Not only this, he had verbally abused her and hit her as well. She had to fetch his permission even if she had to go out even with her mother and father!

“Even then I did not withdraw from the relationship. Later on, when he said that he needs to be given dowry if he had to marry me, I stopped the affair then and there.” Sowbhagya says.

All the aggressive fans of the dubsmash queen want to know more about the boy who had deceived Sowbhagya. They asked her to share a photograph of the fraudster so that they could deal with him in a similar way.
Sowbhagya is also receiving appreciation for the boldness she displayed by revealing one of the biggest secrets of her life. She dared to bare the details of her love life, which many girls would be reluctant to expose.

Some others counter commented saying that be it a celebrity or a commoner, anyone could fall prey to such bitter experiences.

Is Facebook love genuine and permanent?
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