Friday , August 23 2019

Dulquer Salman’s stunning response as he saw Mohanlal in his transformed look!

Mohanlal fans celebrate the words of our own Kunjikka!!
Dulquer Salmaan responding about Mohanlal's new makeover

The latest talk of the town is the superb getup acquired by Mohanlal following his strenuous fitness regime. Numerous prominent personalities were taken aback seeing the transformation, and commented on the new youthful look of Mohanlal.

The youth icon of Malayalam cinema, Dulquer Salman, after seeing the transformed appearance of Mohanlal and after having watched the latest teaser of the film, Odiyan, responded in this manner. “Lal sir rocks! I was really dumbfounded when I saw the changed look of Lal sir. This transformation might be one of the most major makeovers in the history of cinema. When the youth stage of Odiyan Manickyan is portrayed quite convincingly in the film, the audience would get a chance to see two different looks and performances of Mohanlal in the same movie. The impact and the excitement of the audience while watching this would be too powerful.

I’m also eagerly waiting for the release of Odiyan now.” DQ further adds that this would be possible only for a person who has astound love and enormous commitment towards his profession. He says that by resuming his youth through such rigorous fitness regime Mohanlal has now proved that there is nothing impossible for him. Dulquer adds that he being an ardent fan of Mohanlal, is excitedly waiting for his upcoming magnanimous films like Odiyan and Randamoozham. Dulquer Salman spoke these words with super excitement.

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