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Dulquer’s awesome comment on the girl who was seen winking in the song.. Kunjikka on Priya Varrier of ‘Oru Adaar Love’..


Priya Prakash Warrier, the heroine of the upcoming Malayalam romantic film, ‘Oru Adaar Love,’ being directed by Omar Lulu, is the latest sensation nowadays. Priya has had the rare and one in a million experience of reaching the pinnacle of the world in just one night.

In the song ‘Manikya malaraya poovi..’ of the film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ that came out the other day, Priya Warrier, the heroine of the film, grabbed all attention of the masses through her stunning and charismatic performance in the song sequence.

In the film, Priya appears as a twelfth standard student of Don Bosco School. The main highlight of the song ‘Manikya malaraya poovi…’ is the stunning expression displayed by Priya Warrier, as she lifts her eyebrows and winks at the boy who does so to her. Her expressions and gestures in the song are incredibly superb.

Thousands are viewing this song repeatedly, just to watch this awesome performance of Priya in the song. The song which was released in YouTube before two days has over 43 lakhs of viewers by now. This song which has become a craze in the social media is on the number one position in the YouTube trending list as well.

Latest reports state that the youth icon of Malayalam, Dulquer, who watched and relished the song on YouTube, commented that this girl would soon be the promising star of Malayalam films. Priya seems to be very excited to know that she has also been noted by Dulquer, who keeps close track and often comments on the latest trends on the social media and YouTube.

Priya, who had not used social media before, had recently created her Facebook page the other day. The page has been followed by around 11,000 people just in 24 hours.

In fact, Priya Warrier was scheduled to act as a junior artist in Omar Lulu’s film, ‘Oru Adaar Love’ but the director was highly impressed by the seasoned performance of Priya and handed over the main role to her. Not only that, reports claim that the director is reframing the story to highlight Priya’s role in the movie and the shooting of the film is paused to incorporate the changes in the script.
Just as Dulquer said, Priya Warrier, undoubtedly, would be the latest trendsetter in Malayalam.

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