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Everything happened because of Mammootty! He is the reason behind this..


No one would differ to the fact that mega star Mammootty’s acting career is a reference book. Mammootty has conquered heights in his career with his hard work and dedication. This is an inspiration to all.
In the seventh grade CBSE question paper, there was a question as which is the first Malayalam song released through WhatsApp and the answer is the song ‘Koodum thedi vannora..’ from the film ‘Varsham’ starring Mammootty and Asha Sarath in the lead roles.

This question was asked in the Essential General Knowledge question paper of CBSE syllabus. This song was the first ever Malayalam song to be released through WhatsApp.
Mammootty is an actor who tries to bring in innovations in his films and activities. It seems that it was Mammootty himself who put forth this concept during the shooting of the film ‘Varsham.’ He insisted on releasing the song of the film ‘Varsham’ through one of the most active platform among Malayalees, the WhatsApp. Initially, everyone, including the director of the film, was surprised at the suggestion made by Mammootty, but seeing the confidence and innovative mind-set of Mammootty, finally agreed to do so.

This is how the song of ‘Varsham’ gained the record of being the first song to be released via WhatsApp. Jaya Geetha had written the lyrics of the song, which is composed by Bijibal. The song sung by Sachin Warrier found its place in the hit charts as well.


This song led by the new thought of Mammootty four years back has, interestingly, become a subject of study today.
Fans address Mammootty as a futuristic individual moving much ahead of times. Mammootty fans also claim that the latest trends in fashion is often introduced in Malayalam films by none other than Mammootty.
There is no doubt about the fact that Mammootty is the superstar in the whole of India who has given the maximum number of chances to budding actors and technicians.

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