Friday , March 22 2019

Has the Mammootty film ‘Street Lights’ flopped? The truth needs to be accepted!


The two Malayalam films released on January 26th are ‘Aadhi’ and ‘Street Lights.’ Pranav Mohanlal’s debut film ‘Aadhi,’ has been running successfully in theatres aiming at a collection record. On the other hand, there are speculations as to what has happened to the mega star’s ‘Street Lights.’ At least some fans would have the doubt. The reason for this haziness is that the clear picture of the collection reports of this film is not yet available. ‘Street Lights’ has been released without much endorsements, publicity stunts or any sort of widespread social media campaigns. That’s why this film did not get much attention amongst the extravagant, sparkling publicity campaigns conducted by other contemporary films. However, this is the situation of the social media alone. The reality is that the film is progressing quite safety in theatres, without any hitches.

Unlike the routine Mammootty films, ‘Street Lights’ did not have a good opening, but gradually, the film has gained a widespread positive feedback among the masses, and this seems to have benefitted the film. A popular movie ranking website claims that the overall collection of the film ‘Street Lights’ is only around 88 lakhs on January 26, the release day of the film. However, as per the available reports, the movie seems to be progressing silently on a steady pace, attracting family audience, and also, viewers who adopt a serious approach towards cinema. It is anticipated that ‘Street Lights,’ a film completed in a medium budget, would definitely grab a place on the list of hit Mammootty films. The film has been shot in both Malayalam and Tamil. On reviewing the collection of the Tamil version of the movie, the film seems to be getting into a fairly successful mode.

At the same time, the popular booking sites like ‘bookmyshow’ has presented a review stating that the film world is getting into a trend where even the films of superstars wouldn’t be able to survive at the box office without the aide of huge publicity campaigns.

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