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Hey Jude Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Nivin Pauly, Trisha Krishnan, Shyamaprasad


The film tells the story of Jude; an introvert. He is unable to interact and connect well socially, but he is a brilliant guy. Jude has got immense expertise in Marine Science and Mathematics. His family comprises of his mother, father and sister.

Quite unexpectedly, Jude and his family had to go to Goa. Many new people enter the life of Jude in Goa. Hey Jude, the film by Shyamaprasad, tells the incidents that happen in Jude’s life after this. The major part of the movie is filmed in Goa itself.

The exact character of Jude, along with the traits of his mother and father, is precisely shown in the first half of the film. These characteristics bear the main part in taking the film forward on an interesting note. Performance wise, this is Nivin’s best performance so far. He has portrayed Jude very convincingly on screen.

Nivin is able to very strongly reflect the transformation of character notable at different stages. Especially, the last scenes with Vijay Menon were profoundly good. Trisha was also excellent as the heroine of the film. Especially, the dubbing part was superb. The two outstanding performances worth mentioning are the performances of Siddique and Vijay Menon, which gave a positive punch to the flow of the film.

As usual, Siddique has handled the comedy and emotional scenes very well. Neena Kurup, who did the mother’s role, also gave a fantastic performance.

Though care has been taken to render a unique identity and characteristic to each of the character, in some scenes, Trisha’s character seems to fail to communicate herself effectively. The camera and the background music have been very helpful in showcasing the local views and creating an ambience of Goa in the film. Many a times, the scenes are so beautiful and realistic that the audience gets merged into the views forgetting the presence of camera in the scenes. Girish Gangadharan’s camera moves are scintillating.


Similar storyboard and unique features of characters have been seen in films before, only that, it is not portrayed in the same manner. Here, Shyamaprasad, in his signature style, introduces each of the character to the audience first, and then, lets them progress through the dimensions in each character. However, this film displays a different style of presentation from the routine Shyamaprasad movies.
The first half of the film, filled with humour, gradually progresses into the main plot of the film. It is only in the second half of the film that we get to see the Shyamaprasad touch in the film at certain places. Shyamaprasad’s way of character portrayal in his earlier films is very complex, walking the audience through various modes of the characters’ minds. Probably, this has been one of the specialities of the director.

In this movie, the story undoubtedly progresses through a complex route, but the presentation is quite cool. In some places, the weakening of the script proves a hazard for the film.
The entry of the heroine into the life of the hero and the series of following events remind us of some earlier movies. Hey Jude, undoubtedly, reflects the effort of Shyamaprasad to shift his focus from the routine style of films to a ‘feel good’ genre of films. That’s why, viewers, who had relished the signature movies of Shyamaprasad before might find this film less intense and a film of a different style.

The film, Hey Jude, can be approached as a ‘feel good’ cinema. The awesome performances of Nivin, Siddique and Vijay Menon needs to be given a special mention.

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