Friday , August 23 2019

Hey! This is actor Mohanlal! No one is going to perform anything better than what he has done so far..

A housewife comes out with staunch support to Mohanlal!!
a house wife responding to mohanlal new makeover

Mohanlal, whose acting tenure spans across four decades, is still creating wonders with his portrayal of the young Odiyan Manickyan, in his upcoming film, Odiyan. Following his incredible makeover and transformed look for his film, Odiyan, even common people, including prominent personalities have started sharing their opinions. The common mass, who have made the actor Mohanlal a superstar, by watching and promoting most of the films by Mohanlal in the period of 1980s and 1990s, have whole heartedly welcomed the fantastic new look of Mohanlal and reacted accordingly.

In the street response conducted by a prominent cinema news portal, a housewife from Trivandrum responds quite interestingly. She says – Hey, this is actor Mohanlal. Now there’s no one who would be performing more than what he has done… The housewife seemed to be contended to have successfully utilised the opportunity to comment in favour of the actor she has been adoring and respecting through these years.
Stark Mohanlal fans have decided to put up the cut-outs of Mohanlal in his new look outside theatres.

Which is your favourite Mohanlal film in which he has appeared in a clean shaven look?
Please mention the name if the character and the name of the film.
You can express your opinion by commenting below this article.

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