Friday , August 23 2019

I’m intolerably sad.. There has been no limit to my tears.. Nowadays some people hate listening to my name as well!!

Kavya madhavan sad feel

Our own Kavya Madhavan ranks second in the list of Indian actresses, whose names were subjected to google search the most number of times this year. The controversial heroine of Bollywood, Sunny Leone, stands first in the list.

It was after Kavya’s marriage with Dileep that she gained so much media attention. She was showcased as a vamp who was accused to be the main reason behind the separation of Dileep and his first wife, Manju Warrier. It had been reported several times that Dileep and Kavya had an intimate affair, which was the main reason behind the divorce of Manju Warrier and Dileep. To add to this situation, Kavya had to face rigid criticism and negative remarks from even her fans and social activists when her husband Dileep was arrested accused of being the manipulator in the case where a young actress was brutally abused under the cover of darkness in Kochi. Moreover, when the prime accused in the actress attack case, Pulsar Suni, announced Kavya Madhavan to be the notorious ‘Madam’ in the plot, things turned worse for Kavya, and she couldn’t even step out of her house after that. However, during this tenure, there was no Malayali who did not mention the name of Kavya at least once. People around the globe searched google to know who this actress was. This has actually led Kavya to this unique achievement.

However, Kavya says that she is one of those rare women who has spent a whole year on tears. She says that though she has not done any wrong, she had to face tons of bitter allegations when her name was dragged into matters she wasn’t even aware of. She had been subjected to constant mental torture and humiliation. She adds that she is spending her days in unbearable sadness and depression now. It is just that I don’t break down in public like many others do. I have shed tons of tears. No other woman in this world should endure such a situation, she laments. The transformation of Kavya from the status of a shining celebrity, whose persona used to thrill film lovers, to a humiliated, mentally stressed house wife is truly shocking! Kavya responds quite indifferently and seems to be emotionless on learning her latest achievement of being the top 2nd in the list of the most searched Indian celebrity.

Has the Malayali society been unfair towards Kavya? What is your opinion?
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