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I can see the path before me distinctly. Please don’t intrude it – Manju

Get out of my way, Mundakkal Shekhara!
manju warrier responding gossips

Manju Warrier is the actress in the lead role of the latest film ‘Udaharanam Sujatha’; the film which continues its successful journey without getting drowned in the pomp and splendour of one the most victorious Dileep films in the recent times, Ramleela.

Even as the celebrations of Udaharanam Sujatha continue, there are some things to be noted. The most prominent of them is the support extended by Manju Warrier to the film, Ramleela. She also called upon each and everyone to watch the movie in theatres. People observed and viewed this unexpected move from Manju’s side with much speculation. Many even claimed that Manju and Dileep were getting closer once again.

Manju went on to explain that she supported the film because she thought that a film is a creation and result of the hard work of many people involved in it. It is the result of a joint effort. Therefore, the film should not be rejected just because of the ill fame of the main actor in it. However, social media and other sources accuse Manju to be behind the arrest of Dileep. This is because Dileep had cast a number of charges against Manju Warrier in his bail plea. Even now, after Dileep has acquired the bail, this accusation against Manju still exists among the ardent fans of Dileep.

However, Manju claims to dispose off and ignore to such baseless allegations and gossips. The star further talks about this in an exclusive interview given to a film magazine. She says, “I live with small desires and big hopes. I can see my own path before me clearly.’ Manju intended to tell her fans to refrain from rumours and gossips and also requested such people to stay away from blocking her path. It is clear that Manju wants to send across this message to the public as well.

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