Thursday , February 21 2019

I. M. Vijayan’s fantastic comments on Mohanlal, who had come down to play volley ball in Kannur..I.M. Vijayan openly reveals his thoughts about Mohanlal’s body fitness..


It was very interesting and exciting to watch the friendly match held between the Territorial Army and Kannur Press Club in Kannur the other day. The superstar of Malayalam, Mohanlal, played in the role of the captain of the Territorial Army. Mohanlal’s presence filled the atmosphere with a frenzied excitement. Many people considered this occasion as a golden opportunity to see the star in person.
Before parting, Mohanlal said that no one was an expert player in the team and the match was a friendly game to bring out the sportsman spirit in the players rather than winning the match. However, amidst loud laughter, Mohanlal added that when the whole media is around, covering the match, they should have performed better anyway.

The football wonder and actor of Malayalam, I. M. Vijayan, has now come forward with astounding comments on the fitness and sportsman spirit of Mohanlal that is beyond any age bar.
Vijayan says that Mohanlal possesses a mind that gets excited at the mere mention of sports. He adds that as long as Mohanlal has this mind-set, he would not have any opponents and there wouldn’t be a substitute to Mohanlal anytime. Through these words, I. M. Vijayan has exposed his adulation and respect towards the great actor.

When asked about Mohanlal’s amazing makeover for the film Odiyan, Vijayan says that he has no words to explain his feelings. It is, no doubt, a daring feat, which can be only accomplished by a person with a sport mind. I. M. Vijayan also expressed his opinion that Mohanlal would be here itself maintaining the same status and millions of fan following for many more years to come.

This interesting remark made by I. M. Vijayan was reported by a popular online news portal.
Vijayan has also commented on the D.Litt honour conferred on Mohanlal by the Calicut University. Mohanlal and I. M. Vijayan have acted in the Malayalam film, Mahasamudram before some time. In the film, I. M. Vijayan had portrayed the character of himself arriving on scene to play for the Seven Stars.
Last year, I. M. Vijayan handled a crucial role in the Mammootty starrer fifty crore club film, The Great Father.

How far is Mohanlal’s films influenced by the zeal of the former state champion in wrestling, combined with sportsman spirit and a flexible body that Mohanlal owns?
When thinking about the flexibility and mobility of Mohanlal’s body, which is the first scene that comes to your mind? You can express your opinion by commenting below this article.

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