Tuesday , September 17 2019

If only I get half of what you have.. Prithviraj’s blasting comment on Mohanlal!


It was news when Prithviraj and Muraly Gopy, the director-scriptwriter duo of the prosoective Mohanlal film ‘Lucifer,’ reached the sets of Odiyan in Palakkad to meet Mohanlal. Prithviraj, accompanied by Muraly Gopy and the producer of Odiyan, Antony Perumbavoor, met Mohanlal and discussed the final script of ‘Lucifer,’ and have acquired the confirmation of Mohanlal for the same.

Prithviraj was talking about his latest film ‘Ranam’ in one of the leading portals. Amidst the talk, he was asked about his directorial debut ‘Lucifer’ and Mohanlal.

In response to this, Prithviraj said – We had gone to Palakkad to meet Odiyan Manickyan, not Mohanlal. I have to say this because that is the kind of change imbibed by Mohanlal for the sake of the character. This is really inspiring for young actors like me.

He adds that if one had half of the professionalism and dedication as in Mohanlal, he can gain the name of a good actor. That is Mohanlal! For ‘Lucifer’ too, Mohanlal might require a different kind of makeover. I had talked to him about that.

It is generally observed that henceforth Mohanlal would focus on films requiring something special. It is told that Mohanlal would complete ‘Lucifer’ before he gets into the shooting of the 1000-crore film, ‘Randamoozham’ penned by M. T. Vasudevan Nair.

What do you have to say about this diverse feedback of Prithviraj on Mohanlal’s ‘Odiyan?’

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