Sunday , December 16 2018

I’m still excited when I think about my first hero!!

Just listen to what Aishwarya Rai has to say about Mohanlal!
Mohanlal and Aiswarya rai

Miss World, beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai, gives exciting feedback about Mohanlal. Aishwarya gave this scintillating feedback on Mohanlal when she was talking about the 1000- crore big budget film of Mohanlal, Mahabharata. She said that Mohanlal is her first hero on screen, and she gets excited even today when she thinks about Iruvar, her film with Mohanlal.

She says “Mohanlal sir is the person who made me understand that behaving and not acting before a camera is the most genuine way of performing. I remembering watching Mohanlal’s performance in front of the camera with extreme awe. Though I’m not familiar with the language, I still love to watch the films of Mohanlal sir. Aishwarya further adds that she is able to perform somewhat distinctly today only because of the valuable experience she has gained by working with experienced people like Mohanlal. Aishwarya says that she is unaware of the details of the bug budget film on Mahabharata and therefore cannot talk on it.” When asked whether she’d consent to work with Mohanlal in the film, she replied saying that it cannot be told now. Depends.

When Aishwarya was asked when would she be seen as Mohanlal’s heroine, she replied with a smile saying that she hoped it would happen soon and that she’d also pray for the same.

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