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In which way are the fights of ‘Odiyan’ better than those of ‘Baahubali?


Peter Hein has already publicised that his work in the film ‘Odiyan’ is one of the best ones in his career of action choreography. He revealed this amidst the celebrations of the success of the film ‘Aadi’.

All are aware that a professional like Peter Hein, who had gained international fame with his work in ‘Baahubali – the Beginning’ as well as national acclaim through his impeccable work in ‘Pulimurugan’ wouldn’t just utter something like this for no reason.

This declaration by Peter Hein has gained publicity on a national level and has been reported in all leading English media. ‘Odiyan’ seems to have become a sensation in Bollywood as well As a proof to this, the popular Hindi news channel has published an interview with Peter Hein on its online page.

When asked why he considers the work in ‘Odiyan’ as one of the best in his career, Peter Hein says that to design an action sequence in the dim lights in one of the most backward villages in Kerala, and arranging sequences for a powerful entity like ‘Odiyan’ who can change from one form to another in a jiffy, was a challenge in itself.

Moreover, working with one of the most talented and legendary actors like Mohanlal is absolutely demanding. It becomes a challenge to design fights as per his calibre. He further adds that though challenging, he relished each bit of his work in ‘Odiyan.’

Peter Hein says that he is optimistic that more Indian films with the international standards of action with half the expenses would be possible in the recent future. He says that the Baahubali series is the beginning of such trends in India.

Peter Hein further comments that not only Hindi films, but also regional films would attain the status of high technical expertise in the near future. This would be witnessed by the film business very soon.

When the man behind the show, Peter Hein, himself claims that the fights of ‘Odiyan’ are more perfect than those in ‘Baahubali,’ the excitement of we Malayalees seem to increase double fold.

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