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Ira Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Unni Mukundan, Gokul Suresh, Miya George


‘Ira’ is the recently released Malayalam film directed by Saiju S.S. This film captivates the audience throughout. Gokul Suresh Gopi and Unni Mukundan are the heroes in the film. Miya George and Niranjana Anoop, who appeared in films like ‘B. Tech,’ ‘Kala Viplavam Pranayam’ and ‘Puthen Panam’ are the heroines in the film.

Just as the name of the film ‘Ira’ suggests, it is a crime thriller movie in all sense. The corrupted minister, Chandy, comes for a routine cardio examination in one of the famous hospitals in town. The minister happens to die amidst the process of tests. Initially, the case is concluded as a natural death. However, the film takes a hop to a series of interesting twists and turns as the police claim the death to be a cold-blooded and well planned murder.
Dr. Aryan, who happens to be the person to have given injection to Chandy before his death, is arrested on charges of manipulated murder of the minister.

The minister had life threats from certain naxal groups and the police accuse doctor Aryan of having some acquaintances with the naxal groups. The case gains national acclaim when such allegations fill the news column.


An investigating officer from the central zone comes to Kerala to probe the case confidentially. This is Rajeev. Unni Mukundan plays the role of the police officer, Rajeev, and Dr. Aryan is portrayed by Gokul Suresh Gopi. Both have honoured their roles perfectly.
A well paced, agile presentation and the double punch in the climax are the unique features of this film. The story development of ‘Ira’ reminds us of Dileep’s super hit film ‘Ramleela.’
‘Ira’ would definitely appeal to those who relish crime thrillers.

Though the effect weakens as the film progresses to the second half, the superb climax, with its unexpected punch, gets back the feel of the film. There are many scenes in the movie which lead to unending and loud applause from the viewers.

The director has included scenes in the movie that point to the police investigation and media intervention in the case of actor Dileep’s accusation and trial. The film has scenes which approach the proceedings in a critical manner. These scenes receive heavy applause from the crowd.

Other than the heroes and heroines, the film has actors like Alencier Ley, Lena, Shanker Ramakrishna, Kailas and a handful of new faces as well.

The story of the film is by Naveen John, Cinematography by Sudheer Surendran and the editing is handled by Johnkutty. Gopi Sundar has done the music in the film. The songs and the background score of the film are high above average.

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