Wednesday , June 19 2019

Irrfan Khan’s befitting response to a Hindi channel reporter who mocked at Dulquer Salmaan!!

He told the reporter as to who actually Dulquer was..

The youth icon of Malayalam cinema, Dulquer Salmaan, who has the greatest fan following in Malayalam after the superstars, normally get many offers from film industries of other languages on a regular basis. Finally, after a prolonged thought process and seeking the valuable opinion of his father, who he lovingly addresses as ‘Vappachi,’ Dulquer decided to take up the leading role in a Hindi film. Dulquer would be seen debuting in the Hindi film, ‘Karwaan’ directed by Akarsh Khurana, the famous scriptwriter, actor, and theatre artist.

Dulquer blended with the Karwaan team very quickly and became the most adorable one on sets with his looks, behaviour and staunch performance. The director, Akasrsh, had initially approached Abhishek Bachchan for the role, but Abhishek had date clashes and the director looked out for other choices ending up considering Dulquer Salman for the role. Even from the beginning, Dulquer was looked upon as a substitute to Abhishek, but gradually our kunjikka, the Malayalam actor, won the hearts of all the people on sets with his hard work and dedication.

One of the prominent persons inspired by Dulquer’s total performance was the actor, Irrfan Khan. And when opportunity favoured, he expressed his liking towards DQ as well.

One of the Hindi reporters who had come to cover the location sets of Karwaan asked Irrfan how was the performance of the newcomer who had come as a substitute to Abhishek Bachchan. To this Irrfan aptly replied, “He is not a substitute to anyone nor is he a newcomer. He is a great actor. I haven’t witnessed this much of grace in any young actor. The incredible son of an incredible father! I like to talk about him in this way.” Even Dulquer was excited to listen to Irrfan’s words. Dulquer also expressed his happiness in being able to work with an actor like Irrfan Khan, who is a globally acclaimed actor. Whatever be it, Dulquer Salman is becoming the favourite actor of Bollywood as well.

Would Dulquer Salman’s entry into Hindi films be successful?
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