Tuesday , September 17 2019

Ithikkara Pakki gulps down Kayamkulam Kochunni! Laletta! This is ridiculous!


Mohanlal fans are super excited after seeing the latest makeover of Mohanlal, as Ithikkara Pakki. This was let out by the star himself. Fans applauded the look by saying that when it was told that Mohanlal would be Ithikkara Pakki, they did not expect this much. This is an incredible item.

Mohanlal fans’ excitement knew no bounds when they saw the first picture of Mohanlal as Ithikkara Pakki on his Facebook page. Two other posts followed this. One with Nivin Pauly and the director, Roshan Andrews, and the other one was the full figure of Mohanlal as Ithikkara pakki. What a look my God! – This is what many of the fans have commented!

“Etta, we are shocked. Shocked to the extent of having a heart attack. Each day new photos, news.. Our dear etta”
My dear Laletta! You won’t allow me to work in Saudi and look after my family needs right! Odiyan, Kochunni, Neerali and more to come.. How to watch these from here! You will make me desert my job…”

“Laletta, What is your intention? Most probably, Nivin would appear dim before you. What a dashing look!”
“The moment when the Nivin Pauly cinema that turned into a Mohanlal cinema! What a twist!”
Hundreds of comments like these have flooded the Facebook page of Mohanlal. However, it can be said that Nivin Pauly’s Kayamkulam Kochunni has got a new life with Mohanlal entering the arena as Ithikkara Pakki.

The Sibi Malayil film, ‘Summer in Bethlehem,” released in 1998 with Suresh Gopi and Jayaram as heroes had Mohanlal enter powerfully into the film at a crucial point and walk away with all the credit. We have to wait and see whether that is going to be repeated in this film as well.
Would Ithikkara Pakki overshadow Kayamkulam Kochunni? You can express your opinion as comments below this article.

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