Thursday , February 21 2019

Kamal Haasan speaks up about the real reason behind Mammootty’s anger..

Kamal Haasan’s shocking revelation on Mammootty!
Kamal Haasan disclosed about mammootty's anger

The versatile and the master of all arts, actor Kamal Haasan has opened up about Mammootty, the wonder package of Malayalam Cinema. The Mammootty fans are highly excited and energized after listening to the words of the universal hero. These are his words – Mammootty sir is one of the most hard working actors that I’ve ever seen. When he takes up a character, he moulds his mind and body into the character. His condition is such that his mind is completely focused on the character alone.

Cinema is his only dream as he goes on. I think I’m also like that to a certain extent. In the midst of this transformation and preparation, we react quite fast and unpredictably when something irritates us. We get furious. We get upset. This is quite natural. This is what people misinterpret and spread words on Mammootty featuring him as an audacious, vain, and hot tempered person. Even I have been prey to such allegations. Once I had to drive away a cinema columnist from the shooting set.

Not only in cinema, personnel in other fields may also have similar experiences. Kamal Haasan, in this way, has justified and disclosed the reasons behind the so-called short temper and audacity of Mammootty. Actors like Mohanlal, Mammoootty, and Kamal Haasan are considered to be the people who have given a modern dimension to Indian films. Not only this, the films of these actors are updated in technology and concept as per the advancement of technology in modern times. However, these words of Kamal Haasan gives a different observation on Mammootty, and this has been whole heartedly accepted by Mammootty as well.

Which is your favourite film in which you are highly impressed by the acting skills of Mammootty?
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