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Kavya’s blast reply when asked “Why didn’t you go to Dubai? Are you pregnant?”

Kavya’s superb reply goes viral!!
Kavya madhavan responding her pregnancy news

For the past few days, there’s been a scoop of news making circles in the social media as well as some online publications. The news is that Kavya Madhavan is pregnant. That’s the reason why she didn’t accompany Dileep to Dubai for the inauguration of his restaurant series Dhe Puttu. News claim that Kavya stayed back without going to Dubai with her husband as she had some sluggishness related to pregnancy. Some fans responded to this report saying that even Meenakshi did not go to Dubai with Dileep. Now why was she sluggish after all?

Now that the intensity of the news about her and her so-called pregnancy has exceeded its limit, Kavya has come out trying to defend herself and shun away the news. Kavya says “For God’s sake, please do not spread rumours on something which is absolutely untrue. Since the time Dileepettan and I started living together, there have been so many gossips and rumours about us. There are so many people around us who get married and some who get divorced. That’s not big news! Why are we alone tortured and hunted all along. I plead you to let us live in peace.” Kavya is not alone to be trapped in the fake news of pregnancy. The young star, Nazriya Nazeem has also been prey to such a rumour. Kavya further adds that she would definitely inform her fans when she is having a child. Adding to this, she says that there’s nothing unusual in her not going with her husband to Dubai.

Kavya says that the social media just circulates news without checking its authenticity and almost all the news that makes rounds in the social media is fake. She adds that she has never bothered to pay attention or go behind the news ever. It is told that presently Kavya intends to focus on rebuilding her online business, Lakshyah, and she would also find time to concentrate and assist in the various businesses of Dileep.

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