Sunday , December 16 2018

Kerala DGP Lokanath Behera speaks on Mohanlal on the occasion of Women’s Day..


The Police Chief and DGP, Lokanath Behera IPS, has opened up his liking and adulation towards Mohanlal and his acting genre. The officer, who is a native of Odisha, says that his liking for the star began since the time he joined the Kerala cadre after attaining his IPS.

He remembers that during the days of taking charge as an ASP, he had watched a film with his batch mates. Mohanlal was the hero of the film. Behera says that his adulation for Mohanlal began at that time.

He says that he has had the opportunity to watch movies of various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and many more, but he could not find an actor as versatile as Mohanlal in any of the languages, says the DGP.

Behera says that he had watched the film ‘Nadodikkattu’ a hundred times, and the humour element in the film is absolutely entertaining. Another film that inspired the police chief is the film ‘Kamaladalam’ which is a blend of classic and popular aspects.

The DGP revealed these thoughts on Mohanlal during a special interview in Ananthapuri FM on the occasion of World Women’s Day. Lokanath Behera had opened up on his admiration towards Mohanlal even before, and it seems that he considers Mohanlal to be one of the best actors of India.

Anyway, this revelation is nothing less than a rain of nectar to the Mohanlal fans. By the way, the core news on the dawn of Women’s Day is, undoubtedly, the acting skill of Mohanlal.
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