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Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Suraj Venjaramoodu


‘Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri’ is a good film with a fine story, comedy and suspense, which can entertain the family audience well.

The ancestral home ‘Plachottil’ which belongs to the police couple, Kuttanpilla and his wife Shakunthala, is close to the popular Siva temple. Kuttanpilla is the head constable and Shakunthala is the sub inspector in the Kerala police.
The couple has three daughters, who are all married off. However, in the occasion of Sivarsthri, Kuttanpilla’s whole family members, including his sons in law, grandchildren and siblings accumulate in Kuttanpilla’s ancestral home ‘Plachottil.’ The house then becomes a scene of merriment and celebration.

Every year, this day provides sleepless night to Kuttanpilla when all the the members indulge in feast and celebration.

Suraj Venjaramoodu as Kuttanpilla steals the show completely. The viewers often look forward to see Kuttanpilla smile but he never does. He always appears serious in the film. It is this seriousness of Kuttanlilla which evokes humour in the film.

A film which might have just been another comedy film was treated with an unusual twist and blend with a core plot to make it a unique experience. This brilliance of the director is worth mentioning. Jean Markose has directed the film ‘Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri.’

The director has tried to bring in a uniqueness on the presentation as well. This confuses the audience in the first half as to where the film progresses. The second half of the film is better than the first half of the film. The climax of the film is outstanding.

Suraj Venjaramoodu, through his character of Kuttanpilla in the film has once again proved his position among the best actors in Malayalam films. Biju Sopanam, who acts as the son-in-law of Kuttanpilla has also rendered an impressive performance.

Srinda, Mithun Ramesh and a handful of newcomers have also played their roles in the film. All the new faces have given fine performances in the film.

Striking cinematography is another attraction of the film. Fazil Nassar has handled the camera. The music in the film is composed by the popular singer, Sayanora philip. She debuts in this film as a music director. The editing is done by Shibish K. Chandran.

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