Friday , August 23 2019

Lakshmi Gopalaswamy unfurls her secret on Mohanlal! Shocking revelations


We have been witness to various types of adulation towards film stars. Hero worship of actors, love and desire towards female stars, attraction and passion towards young stars..

Now there’s a different type of adoration in films. Love and attraction of actors and actresses towards their co-stars. There are many film personalities who married their co-stars and also parted ways when the crush ended. There are many couples who are married in this way and are still living happily.

By the way, what about the actor/actress who hasn’t married so far! The much loved actress of Malayalam cinema, Lakshmy Gopalaswamy, debuted in 2000 in the film, ‘Arayannangalude Veedu’ as Mammootty’s heroine. However, the favourite actor of Lakshmy is Mohanlal. It is not a mere hero worship towards the actor’s heroism and acting skill, but a deeper one. Lakshmy had once told that Mohanlal is the best person she has ever met in her life, and she adores him.

When a media personnel once asked Lakshmy why she hadn’t married so far, she replied with a light smile saying that she had always desired to marry Mohanlal, but alas, he married long back. What could be done!
As a continuation of those words, Lakshmy says that be it then or now, she has always adored only Mohanlal. She says that Mohanlal is a big motivator, and if we talk to him for ten minutes, all our depressive thoughts would seem to disappear. He has some sort of magic to do that. Many people from the film field would affirm to what Lakshmy revealed about Mohanlal.

Lakshmy Gopalaswamy, a seasoned dancer and actress, who still continues to be unmarried, have won several awards and accolades for dancing and acting.

Among the films in which Lakshmy Gopalaswamy has acted so far, which one is your favourite?
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