Wednesday , May 22 2019

Lal and Dileep into public feud! They end every trace of their friendship!

Lal and dileep issues latest news

We all came to know about the grand colourful engagement celebration of Monica, the daughter of the actor-producer-director Lal. The energetic Punjabi dance in more than a filmy style was quite viral in social media. However, there was one person who was noted because of his absence from the function. It is none other than the popular actor Dileep. Sometime before, Dileep and Lal were very close to each other and were also called as soulmates by their friends and comrades. However, they started drifting apart gradually due to several reasons and got split into two groups in Kochi itself.

Following the incident of actress atrack in Kochi, Lal came forward extending his full fledged support and protection to the abused actress. Later, when Dileep was accused to be involved in the case, It was not surprising that their bonding got split more than before. This abuse case paved way for their fight in public. Reports state that their feud had grown to such an extent that even questions like I”s Dileep really guilty?” “Does Lal believe that Dileep is guilty?” etc., have become irrelevant now. Their enmity has grown much beyond that. It is told that after Dileep was released from jail, Lal neither contacted him nor maintained any sort of communication with Dileep. This might be the reason why Dileep or his close allies weren’t invited for the engagement ceremony of Lal’s daughter.

Dileep, who was once an unavoidable presence in all the functions organised by Lal seems to be expelled from the gatherings after he has been accused in the actress attack case. However, the engagement ceremony attracted all the attention not only through its grandeur and freshness but also by the absence of Dileep.

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