Friday , April 19 2019

“Laletta, you have to come,” requested Anoop Menon!. If it’s Mohanlal, it’s going to rock bro..


Padmasree Mohanlal, the incredibly complete actor of Malayalam, is all set to act as Padma Vibhushan, E. Sreedharan, the much loved Metro Man of the Malayalees. This news, which would definitely excite the fan lot of Mohanlal, was first reported in a highly popular English newspaper.

Now, when the details of the film are coming out, it provides an overwhelming expectation among the viewers. Mohanlal would be playing the role of the Metro Man, E. Sreedharan, in the film, ‘Arabi Kadalinte Rani,’ which has Rima Kallingal portraying the central character.

The film, brought out by the M. Padmakumar-S. Suresh Babu team narrates the story of Lathika, an ordinary housewife. The film unfolds the struggles of Lathika when she loses her house in the activities associated with the Metro Rail Project. The film depicts the aggressions and strike that Lathika has to undertake, following this loss.

At a crucial point, Mohanlal, as the Metro Man, creatively intervenes into the problem and lends his ears to the voice of Lathika. He turns a saviour to Lathika as the film progresses. This is the overall plot of the film. However, reports coming out state this this would be just one plane of the film. The film has fine suspense and thrilling scenes all through. Moreover, the character of Lathika would be one of the best characters handled by Rima Kallingal in her career so far.

The character of E. Sreedharan portrayed by Mohanlal in the film would have E. Madhavan as the screen name. This name change is to trespass the legal complications that might arise when a film is made on a living, prominent individual.

Latest news reports state that Anup Menon, who is doing a crucial role in the film, had requested Mohanlal to consent to the film. It seems Rima had also presented her request to Mohanlal on this. It is anticipated that when the complete actor, Mohanlal, would portray the Metro Man, E. Sreedharan on screen, the mileage would be too big, and in that case, the film would even gain national acclaim.
However, ‘Arabi Kadalinte Rani,’ would be one of the films in which Mohanlal would appear in a guest role.

Among the films that Mohanlal had appeared in the characters of guest roles, which one is your favourite character? You can comment below this article.

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