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‘Lalitham @ 50 – Shocking revelations about Mammootty’s involvement in it!. Did you know what Mammootty spoke on Lalitha chechi..


It has been ling fifty years since the popular actress, KPAC Lalitha entered films. The favourite ‘Lalitha chechi’ of all, would be honoured at the occasion in a grand event called Lalitham 50’. The scheduled event would be coordinated by the famous director, M. Padmakumar.

The welcome group formation function pertaining to this event took place the other day. This gained a lot of attention. The program was inaugurated by the popular Malayalam actresses, Samyuktha Varma and Manju Warrier. They lighted the auspicious lamp together marking the beginning of the celebrations. All the cinema people extended their full fledged support to the event.

The latest reports state that the real inspiration behind this mega event intended to honour the veteran actresses is mega star Mammootty. It seems before some days, Mammootty on meeting KPAC Lalitha, had asked her light heartedly whether she had completed half century in films. To this, Lalitha replied affirmatively stating that her debut film, ‘Koottukudumbam’ was released in 1969.

Mammootty kept this in mind and as per sources, he requested the film body, AMMA, to plan and design a year-long series of programs to honour the veteran actress. The thought stimulated by Mammootty was taken forward, and it is only now that the program has a specific form.

Taking a tour through the film life of KPAC Lalitha is similar to taking a tour through the history of Malayalam cinema – This is what Mammootty told about KPAC Lalitha. There is no Malayalam actress alive today, who has worked with so many talented actors and directors. Lalitha, who is seventy now, debuted through Thoppil Bhasi’s film, ‘Koottukudumbam’ released in November, 1969.
The film had Prem Nazir, Sathyan, Sheela, and Sharada in the lead roles, and was directed by K.S. Sethumadhavan. Lalitha, who started her acting career with the professional drama troop, KPAC, came to be known as KPAC Lalitha later.

Lalitham 50 , which is a cinema event organised after a long break would definitely be a dazzling and grand stage show, undoubtedly. As per the words of one of the organisers of the event, the golden jubilee celebrations of KPAC Lalitha’s film life is indebted to Mammootty. Had it not been for him, no one would have ever thought about this in this struggling era of Malayalam cinema.
Which is your favourite film in which Mammootty and KPAC Lalitha have acted together?
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