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Learn from Mohanlal sir to get things rightly done! Superb comment shutting down the Tamil stars!!


The mega show ‘Amma Mazhavillu’ has become a matter of discussion in the whole of South India. The program is much unique and peculiar in the way it has amassed all the stars of the Malayalam film industry under one roof.

Tamil superstar, Suriya, who was invited as the chief guest of the program, took on to Twitter and penned down about how graceful the program had been. Through this, Amma Mazhavillu has created ripples in the Tamil world as well.

The stir is not among the film lovers, but among film personnel mainly. It’s a matter of question whether the Tamil film industry, comparitively huge when compared to the Malayalam film industry, could ever think about conducting a mega show akin to Amma Mazhavillu, bringing together all the stars of the industry under one roof.

A leading Tamil web portal had reported about Amma Mazhavillu, praising the togetherness and unity of the Malayalam stars, keeping aside all the ego hassles. This has created great sensation and controversy among the Tamil masses.

The web portal accuses Tamil stars of not having unity and getting separated in groups of their own. The portal further adds that the stars don’t cooperate mutually. It also highlights the modesty and grace of a nationally acclaimed star like Mohanlal, who merges with his co-actors as one among them.

The portal points out how Mohanlal cooperates and mingles with stars just as old as his career. This is something to be followed by others, says the portal.

The portal further adds that any one in the world would succumb to the words of such a great artist like Mohanlal. This indirectly points to the news about Suriya’s participation in the mega event owing to the invitation of Mohanlal.

Anyway, the program has rocked! Every Malayalee can be proud of the fact that the portal of another industry has highlighted and praised our Mohanlal even if it had primarily intended to blame the Tamil film industry.

However, this post which has accused and challenged the entire Tamil film industry, has been subjected to varied responses from the film lovers. The problem is not the lack of unity but the lack of proper leadership observes the famous film critic of Tamil.

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