Thursday , February 22 2018

Like father like son! Pranav Mohanlal really takes after his father.. He attempts aggressive stunt scenes without a dupe!!

Pranav Mohanlal injured in an adventurous fight shoot!!
Pranav Mohanlal in Aadi Film

The shooting of the much-awaited debut movie of Pranav Mohanlal, Aadi, directed by Jeethu Joseph, is reportedly interrupted. Sources state that Pranav Mohanlal was injured while shooting for a fight sequence as a part of the climax scene in the film. Glass splinters poked into Pranav’s body and he bled profusely. Following this, he was shifted to a hospital.

There were reports stating that Just like his father, Pranav, aiming at perfection, prefers doing the dangerous and challenging stunt scenes himself without a dupe. It was just because of his profound dedication, and his effort to bring in more perfection to his character in his upcoming debut film, Aadi, that he fell prey to this accident.

However, reports claim that Pranav’s injuries are not very serious, and he can leave hospital in a short time. Anyway, presently, Aadi’s shooting is stopped. Aadi is being directed by the director of Jeethu Joseph, the director of Mohanlal’s blockbuster film, Drishyam. There are reports coming out revealing some facts. Though the director insisted upon using dupe for at least some of the fight scenes in the climax shoot, Pranav supposedly denied the same and decided to go on with the scenes himself for perfection.

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