Wednesday , July 24 2019

Malayalam film industry has suffered a business loss of 500 crores

Dileep in Jail 500 Crores gone

There are reports that the Malayalam Film Industry has suffered an overall whopping loss of 500 crore business following the arrest of the popular Malayalam actor Dileep. The release of the completed film ‘Ramleela’ along with five other confirmed film projects is left halfway. Ten big budget film discussions are also abandoned. Areas related to cinema production, cinema distribution and cinema shows have also lost the business of crores of rupees.

To add to this, AMMA, the Association of the Malayalam Movie Artists, had planned a star-studded mega event during this Onam. This also ended up in huge loss of business in terms of channel rights, sponsorship and advertisements.

Thus, the Malayalam film industry has suffered a business loss of crores of rupees following the arrest of Dileep, who is accused of being a manipulator in the actress attack case. This is too big a loss to be borne by a small industry like Malayalam film industry. It is estimated that this downfall would severely affect all the members of the film industry including the contract labourers working on daily wages.

Recently, some of the biggest production companies in India were all set to invest money in the Malayalam film industry. Sadly, they have also withdrawn from this, probably on a temporary basis. Also, unconfirmed reports suggest that there is a recent downfall in the number of family audience for Malayalam movies. It is predicted that the survival of Malayalam Film Industry on a business front hugely depends on the collection of Onam movies of other Malayalam stars this season.

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